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Friday, April 22, 2011

MVP Races

With the season drawing closer to the home stretch, we here at the Clarkson Gazette have decided to breakdown the MVP races in both leagues. Here’s a look at some of the best and brightest in the league:


In the AL, it appears all the rage is revolving around the outstanding Rookie phenom, Napoleon Duff. The first year player for the Texas Funerals has put up absolutely ludicrous numbers in his rookie campaign. Rarely does a 22-year old have the talent Duff possesses, but to have it in such a refined form is incredible.

“It’s been an amazing run so far for him.” says former Rookie of the Year Malcolm Locke, “I’ve just been trying to mentor him as the season moves along, teaching him to avoid some of the mistakes I made as a rookie.”

Locke knows what he’s talking about, putting up numbers to rival Duffs own. In season 5, Locke batted .333 with 44 homers and 127 RBI.

The main competition against Duff is the perennial masher and former MVP Trey McMahon. Early on, it seemed like Duff was going to run away with the award, but McMahon has quietly put up monster numbers this season.

“Duff is new and fresh, so all of the media is talking about him, and you can’t blame them really.” said Mountain View manager Blaine Barrett, “But you can’t look past McMahon. He really is putting up career numbers, and deserves to be MVP.”

Putting their numbers up, we can see that they are very, very similar:

As you can see, the numbers are similar, with Duff winning out in the speed department (he also has 27 steals to go along with 9 triples). However, looking at the AB’s, we see that McMahon has done his damage with nearly 50 fewer AB’s, due in part to his higher walk rate.

It’s a close race, but right now, the Gazette is giving the close nod to McMahon, even though he is the “safe, boring” pick.


In the NL, the race appears to be completely wide open, with many stars in the running for the prestigious award. With so many candidates on equal footing for the award, we have selected five front runners for this story:

Ron Sears (LA Trojans): Sears has put up great numbers for the LA Trojans in his first full year with the team. The multi-time MVP has one of the most feared hitters in the league for years, and this season is no different.

“All I know is that guy has made me look really stupid many times over the years.” Banditos veteran pitcher Mel Georgesaid, “He’s made my therapist a very rich man.”

Tony Guapo(Detroit Ducks): The far-ranging CF of the Ducks has had a career year this season, and has done it both on defense and at the plate. We hear at Clarkson value defensive play as well as offensive, but it remains to be see if MVP voters will too.

“I’m thinking about putting in some potholes in the outfield to slow that guy down. I’m sick of him robbing me of extra-bases constantly.” New Orleans all-star Dave Price said.

Quilvio Ramirez (Louisville Bats): One of the best 3B in the league, he is looking for only his second MVP award, and first in the NL since moving from the AL some time ago. The Bats superstar has put up another year of stellar numbers, and has even hit for the Cycle earlier this season.

“It’s a crime that he only has one MVP to his name so far.” Says Bats website manager Seth Magadan, “If he doesn’t get it this year, then I don’t know what to say.”

David Castillo (Charlotte Stone Crabs): Perhaps the sentimental favorite on this list, Castillo has never won the MVP award in his career. While he has put up some solid numbers in previous years, none have ever been enough to get him serious MVP consideration. This year however, he has had a great year for a team that is at the bottom of the NL South.

“It’s hard to imagine him winning given where his team is, but we all are pulling for him.” Said Charlotte columnist Dave Ragu, “He certainly deserves it for his entire career, but it will be hard to overcome the other guys having great years out there.”

Norman Nagy (LA Trojans): The youngest guy on our list has put up some of the best numbers. Now in his 5th full season at the young age of 25, Nagy has finally put together his tremendous raw talent to turn into one of the leagues great young hitters.

“If not for being on the same team as Ron Sears, I think he would be much higher up on the list.” Said Head Coach Carlos Olivares, “I’m a little nervous that the two will split the votes and another player will sneak in to win the award.”

For our money, our vote at this point in the season goes to Sears in part because his team has one of the best records in the league.